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Steel Rotary Airer Whether The Braking Capability Meets The Requirements
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

What are the safety requirements of the Steel Rotary Airer overload limiter? Do you not understand it? Let's take a look at these requirements together!

① mechanical overload limiter of the integrated error should not be greater than 8%, electronic overload limiter integrated error should not be greater than 5%.

② When the load reaches 90% of the rated weight, it should be able to issue a warning signal.

③ lifting equipment set overload limiter, should be based on its performance and accuracy of the situation to adjust or calibration, when the weight from the rated weight, can automatically cut off the lifting power source, and issued a prohibited alarm signal.

④ bridge type Steel Rotary Airer, railway Steel Rotary Airers, portal Steel Rotary Airer, should be installed overload limiter; tower Steel Rotary Airers, lifts and electric hoist, etc. can also be installed according to actual needs.

1, check the lifting equipment on various types of protective cover, guardrail, guard, ladder, etc. are complete and reliable, the Steel Rotary Airer may be exposed to the wound wound, open transmission; coupling, sprocket, chain, Such as rotating parts with or without protective cover, the Steel Rotary Airer on the pedestrian channel, ladder and may cause the exposed parts of the presence of fence, whether to meet the requirements.

2, open air for Steel Rotary Airers electrical equipment should be set rain cover.

3, the brake set, the brake type is in line with the design requirements, the brake rod, the spring with or without fatigue deformation, cracks and other defects; pin, mandrel, brake wheel, brake friction plate is excessive wear, hydraulic brake Oil leakage; brake clearance adjustment, braking capacity can meet the requirements.

Lifting machinery and equipment in the course of daily use because of their own or the operator's mistakes caused by the failure of accidents, etc., so need to pay attention to some people in the daily use of the process of some minor failures to take is laissez-faire The way, if the long-term case will cause the equipment in the late wear process can lead to a major accident can not be estimated.

From the accident analysis of the situation, many are just beginning to small problems, small fault situation because the user did not carry out more maintenance processing eventually lead to the failure of the situation.In fact,Steel Rotary Airer this is mainly because the user in the use of the process there is a wrong view , That small problems, no major problems, so let the equipment continue to carry sick work.

The user should be on the equipment of small problems, such as small problems caused by enough attention, so as to effectively reduce the equipment, such as a major accident occurred in the user during the routine maintenance of the equipment parts do not meet the standard replacement,Steel Rotary Airer To avoid serious accidents caused by non-compliance.

For a small failure is not mandatory to require users to repair, but the user should have a long-term look to the equipment of the small fault situation for timely processing can also effectively reduce the user's maintenance costs, but also in the Affect the duration of the case of effective handling of the failure situation.

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