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Steel Rotary Airer Technical Standards Flexible Rotation
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

Steel Rotary Airer maintenance standards complete description of the Steel Rotary Airer is a heavy machinery, wear and tear in the daily work will be more serious, Steel Rotary Airer maintenance standards for the daily maintenance of the Steel Rotary Airer to provide a reference standard,

Steel Rotary Airer maintenance standards: part of the project and technical standards

1, Steel Rotary Airer repair standard hook maintenance

(1) disassembly inspection hooks, shafts, beams, pulleys, bearings and cleaning lubrication, hooks, beams, pulley shaft, not allowed to crack, the threaded part should not be loose, bearing intact, rotating pulley, A knife mark or cracker should be replaced;

(2) check the dangerous section of wear and tear, dangerous cross-section wear more than 10% of the original height should be replaced;

(3) hook test, overhaul, the hook should do the test check to 1.25 times the rated load suspension 10 minutes, the hook opening elasticity should not exceed the hook size of 0.25%, after unloading should not have permanent deformation And crack;

(4) plate hook repair, plate hook riveting, the plate and the plate gap, should not be greater than 0.3mm.

2, Steel Rotary Airer wire rope repair

(2) radial wear: the radial wear of the wire more than 40% of the original diameter, the entire wire rope should be scrapped (1) broken wire inspection: 1 wire laying more than 10% of the total number of wire should be scrapped by the standard; (4) steel wire rope lubrication: lubrication before the first with a wire brush, kerosene and other cleaning (1) deformation check: wire rope diameter shrinkage to the rope diameter of 70% kink, rope core exposed, broken stock should be scrapped for new wire rope; (Q / SY1152-65) or synthetic graphite calcium-based lubrication refers to (SYA1405-65) dip coating is appropriate.

3, Steel Rotary Airer pulley group maintenance

(1) demolition of the maintenance pulley group, check the cracks, pulley shaft shall not have cracks, the journal shall not wear the original diameter of 30%, the taper is not greater than 5%, beyond this value should be replaced;

(2) the maintenance of the pulley groove, check the groove with a model groove, radial wear should not exceed 30% of the wall thickness, or should be scrapped. Shall not exceed the standard can be repaired, after the overhaul with a model check, the bottom and lateral clearance should not be greater than 0.5mm, trough centerline and pulley centerline deviation should not be greater than 0.2mm, rope groove center of the contour Deviation should not be greater than 1mm;

(3) Shaft hole inspection, after overhaul, shaft hole allows no more than 0.25CM2 defects, the depth should not exceed 4mm;

(4) assembly, assembly, should be able to hand a flexible rotation, lateral swing shall not exceed D / 1000. The nominal diameter of the D-pulley.

4, Steel Rotary Airer reel repair

(1) reel rope groove, rope groove wear more than 2mm should re-car system, overhaul after the rope groove should meet the requirements of the drawings, but the roll wall thickness should not be less than 81% of the original thickness;

(2) the surface of the drum, the drum surface should not have cracks, there should be no significant roundness, the pressure plate screws should not be loose;

(3) the drum shaft, the drum shaft shall not have cracks, large repairs should meet the requirements of the drawings, wear more than 5% of the nominal diameter, should replace the new pieces;

(4) assembly and installation, reel shaft center line and the small frame bearing surface to be parallel, the deviation should not be 1mm / m, reel installation after the two-axis centerline deviation should not be greater than 0.15mm.

5, Steel Rotary Airer wheel repair

(1) wheel tread wear, wheel tread wear more than 15% of the original thickness should be replaced when the new pieces, did not exceed this value, can re-car system, heat treatment repair. The diameter of the wheel should be within the tolerance range, the surface hardening hardness HB300 ~ 500, the wheel diameter greater than Φ400mm quenching layer thickness should be greater than 20mm; less than Φ400mm, the quenching layer thickness should not be less than 15mm;

(2) The diameter deviation of the two mutually matching wheels shall not exceed 0.1% of the nominal diameter and the driven wheel should not exceed 0.2%. The diameter of the electric hoist wheel shall not exceed 1% of the nominal diameter. (3) rim wear and tear, deformation: the edge of the wear and tear of 50% of the original thickness or break the area of more than 30mm2 should be scrapped by the end of the wheel; the wheel diameter should not exceed 0.2% , The thickness of the curvature of the deformation of the original thickness of 20% should be scrapped;

(4) wheel cracks: the wheels should be found in the cracks should be scrapped;

(5) tread oval: wheel tread oval up to 1mm should be scrapped;

(6) wheel assembly: the installation of the wheel assembly, should be able to hand flexible rotation, installed in the same balance frame on a few wheels in the same vertical plane, the allowable deviation of 1mm.

6, Steel Rotary Airer wheel shaft and bearing maintenance

(1) journal maintenance: journal in the overhaul after the oval, the cone should not be greater than 0.03mm;

(2) crack repair: magnetic or ultrasonic flaw detector to check the shaft, the shaft shall not have cracks, scratches depth shall not exceed 0.03mm;

(3) Rolling bearing maintenance: tapered roller bearings between the inner and outer ring to allow 0.03 ~ 0.18mm within the axial clearance. Bearing gland adjustment gap should be within the range of 0.5 ~ 1.5mm.

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