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Steel Clothes Rack Strong, Durable
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Daily home life, to wash the clothes washed, you have to help with the help of hanger. Now there are many kinds of clothes racks on the market, such as plastic, iron, wood, and stainless steel, where stainless steel hanger, do not know if it is optimistic about it?

Strong, durable

Can withstand heavier clothing without deformation

Metal texture fashion beautiful

Wooden hanger, it has the material on the environment pollution, the cost is generally not high advantages, the disadvantage is easy to crack or deformation of water, susceptible to mold erosion, shorter service life;

Plastic clothing rack, the advantage is low cost, light to carry, rich colors, the disadvantage is to bear heavy clothing may be deformed or broken, wear will affect the gloss and beauty, production and recycling will pollute the environment;

Stainless steel hanger compared to the former two,Steel Clothes Rack  can be said to have their advantages and make up for some shortcomings.

Steel Clothes Rack are generally in the height of 120CM, bright color, the overall feeling is very high, the overall structure of durable, easy to install.

Stainless steel composite pipe Seiko secret agents, both ends and high and low can be telescopic, easy to adjust the height, the use of ABS connection, easy to use. Shrinkable design reasonable use of space, indoor drying more convenient for the balcony to save space. Narrow-shaped design specifically for small space, versatile.

Stainless steel drying racks can be a wide range of drying items, beautiful and practical, easy to install, folding collection, small footprint, lightweight, solid.

Quality stainless steel to ensure that no rust, no paint refused to formaldehyde, to protect the health of family life; long life, durable wear; stainless steel structure is solid and stable, Steel Clothes Rack load-bearing capacity; clotheslift rigidity, high impact strength.

Stainless steel hangers

Fashionable, simple and generous, the design of stainless steel composite pipe and the perfect combination of new plastic pieces, durable and affordable, completely replace the traditional wooden hat rack.

More use of Y-type main design, hanging clothes more convenient, more clean, larger capacity, unique wind hook shape, hanging clothes are more assured, not easy to fall.

The bottom with a strong stability of the triangular base, not easy to shake, solid and stable, not only can be placed in the living room, the bedroom corner, you can also place in the balcony,Steel Clothes Rack  yard and other places, as a drying rack to use, Do not account for home space, but also has a large function of the shelves.

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