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Steel Clothes Rack How To Securely And Effectively Control Before It Is Fixed
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

The biggest problem with installing a Steel Clothes Rack is how to safely and effectively control the overhanging hanger before fixing it. The general solution is that the top of the cantilever hanger on both sides of the Department of a wave of wind rope, "by two people standing in the appropriate position control.

Another person will hang the hanger tube into the casing, or directly to the Steel Clothes Rack and the installation of the head of the flat head bearing fixed on the balcony railings or fixed on the wall embedded metal expansion screws. When the screwdriver to maintain the level of the hanger, or the front of the hanger slightly upturned slightly, do not make the hanger front tilt down. "Wave rope" role is to control the drying rack of the tilt, and to prevent the hanger in the installation process of falling.

After the Steel Clothes Rack pipe into the casing, the installation project has been completed half. Can be "wave rope" control in the front of the Steel Clothes Rack slightly upturned position, and then tied a "wind rope," (with the old cable or wire rope for cable). Drying rack will be installed.

It should be added that the premise of fixing the hanging hanger is to support the foot of the problem. Its support foot can be ring-type support, but also for the embedded metal expansion screw and drying racks directly tighten the fixed way, there will be a casing of the casing of the fixed way and without wave rope in the lower end of the hanger with oblique support The way and so on. In any case, must be in the formal installation before the embedded, prefabricated accessories such as the need to solve.

With the rapid development of drying rack industry, drying racks industrial competitiveness of the progress has become a certain trend, China should promote the strength of self-drying rack industry, starting from the market base, pay attention to sustainable development, to achieve a healthy cycle.

First, adjust and optimize the industrial structure of drying racks, and promote industrial upgrading

With the development of the economy, drying racks up and down the output of the drying racks gradually rose, mainly drying racks hanging Steel Clothes Racks, not only electric outdoor push and pull drying racks, hand outdoor push and pull Steel Clothes Racks and other traditional export categories increase and drop Steel Clothes Racks increase very high, The proportion of the previous export of kitchen electric hanger and drying racks drying racks of the export growth rate is also very significant.

Second, to promote independent innovation, the implementation of drying rack brand strategy, progressive lift racks added value

On the one hand, we can strengthen the short-term training of the existing staff of the drying racks to improve the existing human resources situation; on the other hand, through various channels to introduce high-quality industry talents, promotion of China's drying rack industry, intellectual capital factors. The huge market and the central position of gravity will further attract the drying of the multinationals manufacturing center to China.

The lack of professional talent has become a bottleneck restricting the further development of China's drying rack industry, which is bound to affect the international competitiveness of China's drying rack industry.

Third, training and the introduction of drying racks professionals, promotion of intellectual capital factors

China drying rack industry for labor-intensive industries. To solve this problem, you can take the road between internal development and external introduction. Luo Baihui that the Chinese market has been the world's drying rack industry erosion, the promotion of China's entire drying rack industry competitiveness, need to strengthen the source of resources from the domestic security, starting from the domestic market, starting from the foundation, their grasp of the initiative , In order to avoid being subject to the long-term situation.

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