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Rotary Airer A Unique Product In The World Of Men
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

If the belt, wallet, tie is the man's three big pieces are well known, that the Rotary Airer will be low-key into the men's pocket, or quietly hidden in the corner of the bookcase, waiting to understand it, The moment, the world reflects the unique taste of men.

   Tagged new collectors love

   In recent years, with the Rotary Airer collection of the world swept the world, more and more enthusiasts joined the ranks of the Rotary Airer collection, many people for the number of rare "limited edition" and at high prices to buy. Rotary Airers with its high ornamental and collection value by many collectors concerned. At present, the market some classic design modeling Rotary Airer has turned several times. Big brand innovation, the use of platinum, gold, silver, palladium and other precious metal design Rotary Airers, showing a unique shape, meaningful boutique.

Some people say that men have a dream of luxury Rotary Airers, the hands of the Rotary Airer into a diamond-studded handicrafts, smoking will become a kind of enjoyment. Because at this time, the mission of the Rotary Airer is not just a cigarette tool, but a need to carefully conservation of works of art. "Du Peng since 1989, each year launched a limited edition appreciation Rotary Airer, although the price is not low, but a year of the Rotary Airer in 10 years has appreciated nearly 10 times the investment rate of return is considerable." Collectors Liu Chao on the reporter Talking about the beautiful prospects of the collection of Rotary Airers.

   Four principles of possession of the secret

   In the collection of Rotary Airers view, the light has the finest materials, exquisite appearance, the design of the heart is not enough, can have a collection and investment value of the Rotary Airer should meet the "famous name" "how many" Bad "" whether the connotation "and other four principles.

   "Famous name" is the brand awareness, some mainly for the purpose of sales for the purpose of sales of the Rotary Airer brand, especially worthy of collection of objects.

   "How much less" is from the Rotary Airer of the circulation of the point of view. "For the collection of Rotary Airers, the general limit of a variety of varieties within 10,000 are collectible value, while the smaller the circulation, the greater the appreciation of the space.

   "Good and bad" refers to the same brand of different grades of products. "General collection of mid - range or even high - end Rotary Airers, in order to ensure the value of the collection and appreciation of space.

   "Whether the connotation" is to see whether the Rotary Airer itself has the artistic connotation or memorial and other characteristics of the collection, so as to sublimate to the collection of elements. In addition, the painter, mosaic or screw craft style and so are worth considering. Generally speaking, the beginning of the collectors can choose a relatively simple style, such as sterling silver style, its collection and appreciation potential has been in recent years on the market has been generally recognized.

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