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Retractable Clothesline More Convenient, No Space
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Retractable Clothesline is a commonly used plastic product in our life. In the use of the process, often found that the original tightening of the rope will become loose, that is, "more and more long." This is actually a phenomenon of polymer, the term becomes "creep". The reason why creep is due to the special nature of the polymer - viscoelasticity.

The following is a detailed explanation:

The so-called viscoelasticity is the elasticity of both the ideal viscous body and the ideal elastomer. There are many forms of viscoelasticity, one form is creep, and creep is defined as: at a certain temperature and constant external force (tension, pressure, etc.), the deformation of the material over time And increase.

Let us look at the ideal elastic body, the ideal viscous body and the three creep behavior of the three differences.

First look at the ideal elastic body, you can imagine a spring, in the elastic range of the spring, as long as the spring to exert a constant external force, its deformation is certainly constant, does not change with time (see below). That is, the ideal elastomer does not creep at all.

Look at the ideal viscous body, under constant external force, the deformation is always increasing, and the deformation is proportional to the time.

That is, the ideal viscous body is always creep and is a creep that increases linearly with time.

Finally, we look at the linear polymer, in fact, has been creep, but the details of the creep curve is not the same: in the early stages of force imposed, its creep curve between the ideal viscous body and the ideal elastomer , The creep curve behaves as the ideal viscous shape after a long enough time.

Why wire rope is often not this phenomenon? Wire in a small deformation can be considered as the ideal elastic body, when you hang the clothes of the moment, although the deformation occurred, but the deformation is too small so that the naked eye can not be identified, and the late there is no creep, so how to use Will not grow longer. Plastic rope is not the same, and its main component is a linear polymer,Retractable Clothesline even if the beginning of the deformation is very small, in the hanging clothes under the long-term stress, very slow creep, looks looks longer The

Having said that, we look at the molecular mechanism from the creep phenomenon, in fact, creep is to contain three kinds of deformation: Pusheng deformation, high elasticity, viscous flow.

Phenomenon deformation: polymer material force moment, the molecular chain of the bond length and bond angle immediately changes. This type of deformation is small, and the force is removed immediately after the complete recovery.

High-elastic deformation: the molecular weight from the curl becomes more stretch. Is gradually after the force, the external force removed, this deformation is gradually restored.

Viscous flow: a relative displacement between the molecular chains, that is, slippage between molecules. This deformation can not be recovered after the external force is removed.

The result of these three kinds of deformation is that, as long as the external force, the longer the longer the plastic rope. However, it should be noted that the speed of creep behavior is related to its specific material. Some plastic creep is extremely slow, so in your limited use of time, often is not easy to observe the Retractable Clothesline longer. Nylon material in a variety of plastic count creep faster, so there will be the owner of the nylon rope is easy to grow longer.

Girls with plastic material head rope tied hair will find more and more loose phenomenon, in fact, are the same reason.

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