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Retractable Clothesline Good Quality Assurance
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Now the Retractable Clothesline products in the market is very common, and for such a situation, we are Retractable Clothesline manufacturers product quality is very good, today Retractable Clothesline manufacturers for Retractable Clothesline on the issue of shrinking warranty problem for you to answer questions.

With the improvement of living conditions a lot of users are beginning to use high-end technology products, even Retractable Clothesline are very fastidious, when you can feel the professional Retractable Clothesline products brought convenience services and applications. If you want to buy more satisfied with the Retractable Clothesline products, dial our manufacturer's hotline. Be sure to achieve your satisfaction.

But recently many users have reacted, Retractable Clothesline of the warranty period has shrunk, this is what is going on? User response, many brands Retractable Clothesline also appear for life-long free maintenance of the situation, to the last but not practice, even if the real maintenance is also required late charges, Retractable Clothesline manufacturers and for such a situation, We have to make a promise to you. Our Retractable Clothesline products are very good quality assurance, in the use of the time you can feel our factory racks products application, there will be no market shrinkage of the situation.

The installation of a hand-waving device: The handle is generally installed on the right side of the balcony to facilitate habitual use, the distance from the ground general 120cm, according to the user's height decision. Fixed with expansion screws.

Two top seat installation: At the top of the balcony to be installed, use steel to measure the diameter of the ceiling light on the balcony, and then make a mounting mark between the 15cm-30cm of the lamp (length depends on the size of the balcony). Measure the distance between the markings and the edge of the balcony, and determine the width of the top seat according to the distance. Then to the center of the lamp to measure the length of the balcony, according to the length of the clothes bar to determine the light on both sides of the 80cm-100cm, and then with the width of the measuring distance of four intersection, which is the top seat of the four points of the installation position. After the position is OK, use the drill hole, after drilling hole, use expansion screw to fix four top seats first (if the rod length exceeds the regular size, this distance do corresponding adjustment).

Note: The two top seats on the corner are the active end. The other two top seats are fixed seats, the difference being that the movable seat is two wheels and the movable seat must be installed in front.

Three installation corner: The corner can be installed on the roof of the balcony or the top of the wall, the corner of the movable top seat 50--70cm, must be in the middle of the movable top of the triangle (45 degrees angle), and hand-crank installed position to maintain the same vertical line, you can see the drawing.

Four wire Connection: a set of Retractable Clothesline inside there are two steel wire, first took out one, the first wire through the corner of the bearing wire groove, then, through the movable wheel bearing steel groove (located at the top of the upper part), and through the bearing steel groove in the top seat of the movable end, the steel wire is perpendicular to the ground, then the top cover is covered from the steel wire and the top seat is jammed. The other end of the steel wire also crosses the corner of the bearing wire groove another hole, then through the movable seat of another movable wheel bearing wire groove (under the same top seat), so that the steel wire perpendicular to the ground, and then the top cover from the steel wire into the top seat cover.

Another steel wire installation method is the same.

Five drying connection at the end of each steel wire, wear lob, in the lob in knots; then pull the lob to withstand the top seat, then pull the steel wire from the corner, just into a double strand of steel wire, card at one end of the hand-cranked device, loosen the wire in the manual, drop the LOB, pass the shot, and then fasten it in the hole of the lob. Screw the screws, and finally install the plug on both ends of the drying rod.

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