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L Major Brand Dealers In Building Materials Industry, What About O2O?
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 15, 2016

He famously said: "the dream is to some, if implemented?" This language applies to the current confusion of lighting "O2O" stage of development and their participation in each of the individual. We do know, the road of hard, twists and turns, but the greatest victory is always so hard to, adhere, victory may lie ahead.

"O2O" increase manufacturers trust

Guizhou natural lighting agents Ye Likai

Development of e-commerce in certain industries which have become more mature, such as clothing, snacks, etc, but in the field of large objects, because of the high cost and price of products, but purely commercial and practical experience of the elusive consumers, resulting in not high degree of trust between buyer and seller. In such cases, e-commerce development will encounter bottlenecks.

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