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Clothes Rack With The Production Of Simple, Good Reliability
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

In the popular Clothes Rack, there is no wind function, users often encounter such trouble: just washed a piece of clothes, hanging on the rope drying, the wind blowing, fell to the ground, but also re-wash. The windbreaker hook can lift the trouble for everyone.

1, is the lock, lock the column, it passes through the shaft with the crank.

2, to form a lever, the lever under the action of the counterweight, that the fulcrum rotation. When drying clothes, simply hold up the crank by hand or hook.

3, under the action of gravity, lock and lock column automatically separated, the user can quickly hook the hook on the rope, and then release the crank, under the action of the counterweight, the lock cylinder automatically with the lock together to complete Self-locking process, with the hook to form a lock, let the wind how to blow, it will not automatically fall.

4, the process of hanger is also very simple: just hand or hanging hook to hold up the crank up, the lock will automatically open, the user will be very easy to remove the hanger. Self-locking windbreaker can not only hang on the rope by hand to dry clothes,very simple if you want to hang clothes to the higher drying, the user does not need to climb high, just use the hook hook hook, you can easily hang Or remove the clothes. At the same time, the hanger also has a simple production, good reliability, low cost and so on.

First, first of all to avoid the floor racks to bear the heavier clothing. When the hanger to bear the heavier clothing, it is likely to be deformed or broken. Hanger itself is not high capacity, can only bear the weight of general clothing, if too heavy, so it can not support, it is easy to lead to damage to the hanger, it can no longer continue to use. And if it is damaged when the clothes are hung, it is easy to scratch clothes, damage to clothes, so the consequences are more serious.

Second, try to avoid wear to the hanger's skin. The hanger's skin is generally softer, it is vulnerable to wear, and when it is worn, it will affect the hanger of the gloss and beautiful, but also easy to rust. And when it is subject to wear and even rust, if you still continue to use clothes, it is easy to make the hanger on the rusty clothes up to damage the clothes.

Third, try to avoid contact with the hanger and moisture. As the hanger itself encountered water is very susceptible to its corrosion and softening, it is easy to residual bacteria,very simple so for your health, to try to avoid racks and moisture contact. Usually use the hanger to dry clothes, but also try to dry the water, in addition to easy to corrupt the hanger itself, if too much water, clothes too heavy, but also easily lead to deformation and broken hanger.

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