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Clothes Rack With Simple Production, Good Reliability And Low Cost
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Clothes Rack Factory Outlets Here, the impregnation of plastic Clothes Racks, its appearance is mainly wrapped in a layer of impregnation powder, so for metal Clothes Racks, it can be adsorbed for a long time on its top, so that it is not easy to rust. The following small series for everyone to sum up about its production materials knowledge!

In fact, this product in the process of production, the main use is impregnation powder, that is, polyethylene thermoplastic powder coating, production is mainly made of high-pressure polyethylene as raw materials, but also need to add other auxiliary agents, after the color modulation produced by the anti-corrosion powder coating, In fact, the polyethylene itself is a kind of thermoplastic resin, the use of a non-toxic products, if it is a long time to use, can show anti-aging, impact resistance, acid, corrosion and other performance advantages, will not bring any harm to people's use.

Through the above brief introduction, I believe that your knowledge of this aspect is a certain understanding, in order to make it get better use, so in the daily time, you need to pay attention to maintenance.

In the popular drying racks, generally have no windproof function, users often encounter such a disturbing thing: just washed a clothes, hanging on the rope drying, wind blows, fell to the ground, but also to wash again. The windproof hook can relieve the trouble for everybody.

1, is the lock sleeve, the lock column, it passes the hinge and the crank.

2, the composition of a lever, the lever in the role of counterweight, the fulcrum rotation. When drying clothes, simply use the hand or hook up the crank.

3. Under the action of gravity, lock sleeve And automatic separation, the user can hitch hook hanging to the rope, and then loosen the crank, under the role of counterweight, lock the column automatically and lock sleeve together, complete self-locking process, and hook form a lock, let the wind how blow, also won't fall automatically.

4, the process of taking the Clothes Rack is also very simple: simply use the hand or hook to lift the crank up, the lock will automatically open, users will be very convenient to remove the Clothes Rack. Self-locking windproof Clothes Rack not only can be hung on the rope drying clothes, if you want to hang the clothes to a higher drying, users do not need to climb, just use the hook to hold the crank, you can easily hang up or remove clothing. At the same time, the Clothes Rack also has the characteristics of simple production, good reliability and low cost.

1. Look at the material. Copper-casting products are often structurally close, with the hand weighing, in addition to the similar products than the emphasis, and feel real, rugged and durable;

2. Look at the coating. The standard plating layer can not only make the product surface meticulous uniformity, but also can avoid oxidation and rust in the humid environment. With the eye to see the surface of the pendant, if the surface is not foaming, the coating evenly, you can choose.

3, look at the process, through strict process standards processing products, often through complex machining, polishing, welding, testing and other processes, the product is not only beautiful, good performance, and feel very good, even fine and smooth and flawless.

4, dipping glue hook. The surface has a protective sleeve similar to a small hose, and many of the hooks are now used in this form. Guangzhou wide-View Clothes Rack factory with more than 15 years of industry experience, dip adhesive has done not look carefully, can not see the effect of a layer of dipping glue.

5, Clothes Rack Hook of several surface treatment methods (process): Rose gold, white chrome plated, nickel-plated pearl, gold-plated color and so on.

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