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Clothes Rack Every Household Needs
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Girls in the closet will always have a few pieces of thin shoulder strap dress, or light silk fabric clothes, if not buy a special Clothes Rack, but hanging in the general Clothes Rack, it is easy because of the relationship between the material and fall The From the United States like DIY and even published home furnishings of the mother Diane in her in my own style to share a do not have to spend a lot of money, a small change for the Clothes Rack, you can let you do not have to clean up the closet when the clothes The

What is the magic thing, can hold the wardrobe in a nice dress? Eucalyptus is the next figure of this long as the color of caterpillars hair root, hair root is wrapped in hairy coat of the wire, not only good bending, but also wrapped in any appearance of the items. Stationery and handicraft shops can see its shadow.

The clothes rack clean, plastic wire Clothes Rack can be, take out the first hair root out with a short section parallel to the Clothes Rack, then start winding, it is easy!

After the winding is completed, you can then take the second root to continue winding, of course, longer length is more convenient, if the time and money a lot, then the whole Clothes Rack are wound on the hair root.

Bought a word racks is not that too monotonous look good? Take a coat with a zero line hook to the Clothes Rack

The United States and the United States hanging in the closet, every morning to open the closet at first glance can see their own results, there will be a good mood

In addition to the direct purchase of a zigzag on the coat, you can also change the usual deformation of the clothes rack twisted into a zigzag, wrapped in newspapers or sliver thickening, and then sticky tape, put on a wool jacket.

This kind of zigzag Clothes Rack load bearing is better, and not easy to deformation, suitable for hanging a little heavier clothes.

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