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Clothes Rack A Functional Product
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

Ming and Qing clothes rack elegant, beautifully decorated, carved and meticulous, bright color paint. Ming and Qing officials wearing a veil red hat, dressed in the front and back with a piece of the collar of the horseshoe sleeve robe, so the Qing Dynasty racks tall, standing on the column with a bar, two ends of the pick, carved ornaments, Ride on the bar, that the gantry.

Ancient hanger

The Qing Dynasty to implement the "easy service" policy, the implementation of full of people wearing clothing, full of human body and the rapid and tall,Clothes Rack wearing a large volume of clothing, weight heavy. Rich, there is the status of people's clothes, is set by the flower embroidery embroidered silk. Therefore, to create the Qing Dynasty hangers bustling, dignified, huge, is the characteristics of this period, but also the difference between other times.

Drying rack is not just an ornament,Clothes Rack it is a functional product. Drying rack "function" has been generally recognized by consumers, has formed a "industry". If the "love clothing" is the pioneer of the industry will start the industry, "good wife" is a successful packaging marketers will open the industry, then "Dr." is independent: return to the product itself - take the quality, Features line: continuous improvement, innovation, leading the industry to re-focus on quality. Practical product, quality is eternal. Only the quality of the public to receive,Clothes Rack the industry can be sustainable and healthy development. In other words, as long as the function, quality is generally recognized, drying racks will become a necessity for residents living.

 Now people's living standards improved, everyone's clothing is increasing, the style is also ever-changing, humble hanger also began to pay attention to the following description of the creative hanger absolutely can have! Not only cute shape, it is important to practical ah! So when the clothes are not afraid of it slipped down.

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