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Aluminum Rotary Airer Maintenance Is Very Important
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

The slewing support of the lorry Aluminum Rotary Airer is an important "joint" of the Aluminum Rotary Airer, so its maintenance is very important. So how to maintain the Aluminum Rotary Airer's slewing support?

       In the implementation of maintenance work, we must first pay attention to the risk of being dragged into the rotary pinion, crushing and cutting the risk.

       In the implementation of the following tasks, to ensure that the engine to start the necessary rotation and luffing action, any maintenance staff are not in the main arm, on the car and the risk zone between the wheel or between the wheel and the Dangerous area, Aluminum Rotary Airer operator.

Check the rotating support bolts

1, the Aluminum Rotary Airer every time before the work or at least once a week, visually check the rotation support bolts;

2, rotary support for the first time after 100 working hours, should check whether the loose bolts, the first 300 hours of work and then check once; after every 500 working hours check once; harsh conditions to shorten the inspection interval. If the bolt is found to be loose, please stop the construction work and contact the local after-sales service department immediately. It is checked by the factory or professional and technical personnel, whether it is carried out immediately,

3, rotary support in the installation before the first filled with lithium-based grease;

4, replace the bolts, the bolts wipe clean, coated with thread fastening glue after the tightening; in accordance with the operating manual and lifting performance requirements of the use of Aluminum Rotary Airers, or on request regularly check the fastening bolts, you can avoid the bolt fatigue damage Danger;

Regular inspection of slewing bearings

1, regularly check the flexibility of rotation; such as the discovery of noise, shock, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting, if necessary, need to dismantle;

2, regularly check whether the ring gear ring or broken, with or without bite teeth, gnawing, tooth surface peeling and so on;

3, regularly check the sealing of the intact situation, if found to be damaged tape seal should be replaced, if found off should be timely reset.

Lubricate the tooth surface of the slewing ring

       Rotary bearing ring gear in the factory has been coated with anti-rust oil, this rust-proof period is generally 3 to 6 months, more than the validity period, should be timely coated with anti-rust oil.

       In addition, in use, to prevent the rotation support by the sun direct exposure. Prohibit water directly rinse the rotation support to prevent water into the raceway, to prevent the harder foreign body close to or into the tooth meshing area.

The raceway must be regularly lubricated according to the working environment. After the first working hours of 50 working hours, the raceway should be filled with grease and then injected once every 300 working hours. The slewing support must be filled with grease before and after long standing. If you use a steam jet cleaner or a fixed sprinkler to clean the Aluminum Rotary Airer, care must be taken to ensure that the water does not penetrate into the slewing ring connection and that the slewing ring must then be lubricated. Special working environment, such as tropical, humidity, dust, temperature changes and continuous work, should shorten the lubrication cycle.

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