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Aluminum Rotary Airer Do A Regular Safety Check
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

Lifting injury accident refers to the daily lifting operations, decoupling smashing people, wire rope broken pumping people, moving hanging objects hit, trolley hit people and dumping accidents, falling accidents, to enhance the equipment over the hoist accident, lifting equipment error Touch high voltage lines or induction charged electric shock.

Safe use of the Aluminum Rotary Airer Note:

(1) Each Aluminum Rotary Airer must be marked with a nominal weight plate in a noticeable place.

(2) work, the bridge is not allowed to people or with a hook to transport people.

(3) no operation permit and drink are not allowed to drive the Aluminum Rotary Airer.

(4) the operation must be concentrated, not allowed to talk, smoke or do things unrelated.

(5) Aluminum Rotary Airers are not allowed to use overload.

(6) the following circumstances are not allowed to lift: bundled not tight; mechanical overload; signal unknown; cable-stayed; buried or frozen objects in the ground; hanging objects on the people; no safety measures flammable, And dangerous goods; over the liquid items; wire rope does not meet the requirements of safe use; lifting mechanism is faulty.

(7) When the Aluminum Rotary Airer is running on a line without obstructions, the hook or spreader and the bottom of the hanging material must be 2m above the ground. If you cross the obstacle, you must exceed the obstacle 0.5m high.

(8) Do not apply welding or hammering on the suspended object and working under the object (with support).

(9) must be in the power outage, and hung on the door when the power outage signs, to do the inspection or maintenance work. If you have to live work, you must have security measures to protect, and have a personal care.

(10) When there is a problem with the lift brake, it is not allowed to lift the weight.

(11) Suspended objects are not allowed to run over people or equipment.

(12) to regularly do security technical checks, do preflight pre-repair work.

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