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Aluminum Rotary Airer Accuracy Can Be Effectively Guaranteed
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

With the rapid development of metallurgy, mining and heavy machinery industry, the demand for large tonnage Aluminum Rotary Airers is also increasing. These Aluminum Rotary Airers are generally used for lifting heavy and dangerous materials. Therefore, the stability and safety of Aluminum Rotary Airers Sexual and operational reliability is particularly important. As the feasibility of the design is often constrained by the process, for the manufacture of very large Aluminum Rotary Airers, the overall processing of the bridge trolley bearing after welding (see Figure 1) has been the manufacturing problem of such Aluminum Rotary Airers. In order to solve the above problems, through the analysis of the structure of the Aluminum Rotary Airer bridge, the overall processing technology and tooling of the super-large Aluminum Rotary Airer bridge have been developed, so that the horizontal and vertical deviation and the same bit difference precision of the wheel assembly can be obtained after the whole process of the bridge Effective guarantee, to avoid the Aluminum Rotary Airer "gnawing track" phenomenon, and because of high manufacturing accuracy, making the Aluminum Rotary Airer in the run very smooth.

To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the machining, the bridge must complete all the welding operations before using the overall machining process, to avoid the impact of welding deformation on the accuracy of the machined bridge, so that the machining accuracy of the bridge can be maintained and continued. According to the structural characteristics of the trolley bearing, the overall processing plan is developed. As shown in Fig. 2, the concrete process is to adjust the bridge according to the state of the Aluminum Rotary Airer at the time of operation. Then, according to the specific process, Line work in order to provide the basis for the installation and correction of the workpiece during the processing, the roughing of the work in advance, leaving the finishing allowance of the trolley bearing in accordance with the crossed position welding to the design requirements of the location, the design of special boring tooling And machine tool adjustment tooling, the bridge trolley bearing finishing.

(1) choose a small car running track, the track ends in the width of the direction of the center point, pull the line to draw the center line, this line to do the measurement baseline, with the equidistant measurement method in another car track to draw the track 5 000mm centerline, and only at both ends of the track to draw about 1 000mm long line can be.

(2) The actual distance between the two midpoints is measured by the actual width of the two ends of the beam, and the actual distance of the two midpoints is measured and compared with the span of the bridge, symmetrically corrects the two points to the span size and translates to the step On the baseline, check the two points should be the span size, proofing punch, this point as the track 1 reference point 1.

(3) to draw the other track on the span point, with the measurement of the diagonal method to the track 1 on the reference point were measured on the center of the track 2 on the same two points on the diagonal. The geometric meaning of the two parallel lines to make isosceles trapezoidal, two diagonal equal, measuring track 2 on the distance between the two points and span, respectively, to amend the two-point to the size of the span, and review the two diagonal size, The absolute value of the difference can not be greater than 2mm, proofing red, this point as the track 2 on the reference point 2.

(4) erection of the theodolite, respectively, at both ends of the bridge by track 1 and track 2 reference point calibration of the visual axis, with the equidistant method on the outside of the main beam to draw two measurement points as an auxiliary reference, stroke across the center line in the main and end beams On the lower cover, at the same time check the processing hole of the end of the processing margin, do record, welding reference block, and measure the auxiliary reference block span, should meet the process requirements, or re-amended.

(5) the use of the level as a measurement tool, respectively, at both ends of the bridge to track the top of the track 1 as a benchmark, respectively, draw the horizontal center of the support hole to ensure that the height of each hole size requirements.

(6) draw the vertical center line of the trolley bearing hole, in the main and end beams on the plane to the track 1 center line as a benchmark, draw the direction of the hole from the hole in the distance from the size line, Out of each hole vertical center line, to ensure that the hole horizontal distance from the pattern requirements.

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