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Aluminum Clothes Rack Super Force, Durable
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

Aluminum Clothes Rack handpiece principle

Aluminum hanger accessories Handle is the main component that implements the function of lifting and lowering clothes, self-locking (arbitrary height automatic locking). It can be seen that the key to the quality of the drying rack is the handpiece. The handpiece is like a car's engine, or a human heart. Handpiece as the core of the clothes rack, its quality directly related to the realization of the main functions of the product and life of aluminum racks.

Aluminum hanger handpiece self-locking principle: stop, is the spring tension produced by the huge friction resistance, resulting in "self-locking", rise or fall, the spring tightening, and spring cup to reduce friction, Smooth lift.

New Sunshine has industry-leading hand-held core technology six major features are as follows;

Leading stamping base plate positioning technology, with precision, stable operation.

Innovative applications such as rivet screw combination fastening technology, compact structure, balanced and solid.

Strengthen the thickening of steel, high-purity alloy combination of core pieces, super force, durable.

Pure aluminum shell,Aluminum Clothes Rack the surface of the use of sandblasting oxidation, bright color lasting.

6MM thick reinforced solid aluminum alloy handle connecting rod, running more effort.

Widen the floor,

Cup type steel wire lock, easy to install.

Automated production lines, standardized production, leading industry yield.

Drying racks have become essential supplies in life, especially in the lift drying racks, Grant's overall smart clothes machine after the emergence of automatic, effort, convenience, practical advantages, by consumers of all ages. But as a household commonly used products,Aluminum Clothes Rack drying racks sometimes have some minor problems, if in daily life can not be timely maintenance, will be the user, especially housewives inconvenience and trouble. If you pay attention to the daily maintenance, then, not only can extend the life of drying racks, but also make clothes rack bright and clean as new. To remind you to dry racks need to keep in mind the following three points:

1, to extend the life of electric drying racks, dry rod, hand, top and other parts must be regularly decontamination (especially those who do not cover the balcony of the user), try to do regular maintenance, so that drying racks will be smooth like New.

2, the maintenance of wire rope is particularly important, regular oil can greatly reduce the friction to ensure that the lift is very smooth,Aluminum Clothes Rack with the pulley between the degree of wear greatly reduced, can greatly extend the life of the drying rack, these are easy to do The

3, maintenance of the use of oil Do not use food oil or solid butter, preferably lubricating oil, sewing machine oil.

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