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Aluminum Clothes Rack Simple And Practical
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

Aluminum Clothes Rack, is mainly made of aluminum alloy made of a Aluminum Clothes Rack, nearly two years at home and abroad began to become popular home. Its production generally through the following processes: extrusion profiles, cutting, stamping, elbow, sandblasting or polishing, oxidation, assembly.

Involving materials: aluminum alloy

First, first look at the quality. Quality is the key point: product practical function. The key point of practical function: product internal structure, material and production process. Structure off

Key: Handpiece. The handpiece is the main component that implements the function of lifting the clotheslift, self-locking (arbitrary height automatic locking). This shows that the quality of Aluminum Clothes Rack key points

Is a handpiece. The handpiece is like a car's engine, or a human heart. Handpiece as the core of the clothes rack, its quality is directly related to the main function of the product

Life and life.

100 million with industry-leading hand-held core technology, the first five years of security research and development success, in December 2007 listed.

Second, the corner, the top: these two components are mainly responsible for transmission, bearing two functions. It is an auxiliary part of lifting function. But its importance is second only to the hand.

Quality key: structural design, pulley quality material factory and process, 100 million guards with large carbon steel pulley, to ensure smooth transmission, force stability, durable, unique anti

Job hopping design. Top structure features: simple and practical. Process: standardized production, with special anti-rust treatment.

Third, the dry rod: the current market are common: electrophoresis, spraying, billion industry, the first use of high-grade aluminum alloy sandblasting tube. Has been a major highlight of the product. luster

Degree, hardness, high purity, wear-resistant, non-sticky dust, bright color lifelike, lasting. Sandblasting pipe is the best Aluminum Clothes Rack of the current dry rod material. Is the perfect for practical and decorative


Fourth, the Aluminum Clothes Rack: the more common telescopic Aluminum Clothes Racks, the advantage is the size of clothing universal, the use of flexible. Overall Aluminum Clothes Rack: streamlined design more in line with the shape of clothing,

Modeling simple, full of beauty, easy to clean. Widening Aluminum Clothes Rack: very suitable for hanging dry fabric, suit, to avoid clothing deformation. Thick Aluminum Clothes Rack: fashion modeling, practical. Aluminum clothing

Frame, it is the best in the Aluminum Clothes Rack.

Five other: installation. Normative installation is important! Please choose a professional skilled, quality, responsible installation staff. Standard installation can extend product life.

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