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Aluminum Clothes Rack Maintenance Is Very Important
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Aluminum Clothes Rack industry to follow the market need to focus on "custom and environmental protection"

In addition, with the level of consumer life promotion, its energy-saving environmental protection for the lifting of the requirements of the rack is also progress. Some domestic Aluminum Clothes Racks Aluminum Clothes Racks Aluminum Clothes Racks manufacturers development is in the extensive economic model, with resources extravagance, energy paving, environmental pollution at the expense of.

In order to protect the world environment, high energy consumption, high pollution industries need to pay more attention to energy conservation. For the racks market, at present, energy-saving emission reduction has become a Aluminum Clothes Rack manufacturers, businesses to compete in an important means, this trend will also lead to lift clothes racks Aluminum Clothes Racks racks production threshold of continuous improvement. Lifting clothes racks Aluminum Clothes Racks racks as a living necessities of clothing, but also must follow the consumer's needs to change the market environment and continue to improve and upgrade. The state vigorously implement energy-saving emission reduction policies, for the production of Aluminum Clothes Racks manufacturers, it means that the quality of the promotion and technical innovation to strengthen. This two-year custom lift rack is emerging, personalized become the development trend.

Aluminum Clothes Racks / electric racks have now entered the tens of thousands of households, and we generally know how to use, but no one knows how to dry racks / electric racks maintenance; In fact, only well maintained will be greatly extended Aluminum Clothes Racks / electric The life of the hanger.

Aluminum Clothes Racks / electric Aluminum Clothes Racks maintenance is very important, which is the current Aluminum Clothes Racks / electric Aluminum Clothes Racks users often overlooked that the use of pulley rust is dead, the wire was broken to know to the warranty. Sometimes a lot of brands on the market can not find the manufacturer, must buy new parts, so not only very waste, and the walls of the wall around the hole, affecting the overall appearance of the house.

So for the Aluminum Clothes Rack / electric racks maintenance of the following recommendations:

1, to extend the life of Aluminum Clothes Racks / electric racks, dry rods, hand cranks, jacks and other parts must be regularly decontaminated (especially those who do not have a balcony), try to do regular maintenance, so dry racks / Electric Aluminum Clothes Racks will be clean as new.

2, different brands of clothes dryer, wire rope quality is different. The maintenance of wire rope is particularly important, regular oil can greatly reduce the friction, to ensure that the lift is very smooth, greatly reduced with the wear between the pulley, can greatly extend the life of the clothes rack, these are easy to do.

3, maintenance of the use of oil Do not use food oil or solid butter, preferably lubricating oil, sewing machine oil.

4, try to buy to be able to promise after the sale of the brand racks / electric racks to ensure that high-quality products, professional installation services, and improve the warranty and maintenance services, before no worries!

5, electric Aluminum Clothes Rack of the remote control, the need for timely replacement of the battery.

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