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Aluminum Clothes Rack Gloss And Beauty
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Today, people living in the main building, drying clothes drying by racks, and hand drying racks and electric drying racks have gradually become mainstream. Because smart products are still popular in the stage, including monitoring, audio, lighting, video, curtains and other household electrical appliances are gradually moving towards automation, intelligent, and drying racks as a home necessities, there is a good prospect is inevitable.

According to authoritative media survey statistics: "automatic lifting racks market demand will be 30% annual growth rate of growth, which will be home improvement building materials industry last piece of cake." Automatic lifting racks of modern household necessities, there is room drying racks, the development potential is very large. With the rapid progress of China's urbanization process, the population living in the city will be more and more, every house in the city will be installed automatic lift racks, the market capacity is huge.

Drying racks, the development of today, has not just a dry clothes tool. In addition to practicality is very strong, but also a rather decorative products. It is a balcony with a major landscape. In addition to buying clothes, consumers may pay more attention to psychological needs and satisfaction. In recent years, Yamena pioneered the development of high-end intelligent drying racks, the past two years have introduced several intelligent drying racks, to fill the industry white. The difference between the traditional plastic hanger and wooden hanger, Aluminum Clothes Rack unique metal texture, gives the visual, tactile on the unparalleled noble experience to meet consumer demand for high-end products. High-end Aluminum Clothes Rack supporting the clothes rack or the overall wardrobe, can enhance product quality, to achieve the effect of icing on the cake! Cost-effective Aluminum Clothes Rack will be a major highlight of the drying rack industry.

Automatic drying racks is another name of the lifting racks, usually called drying racks, is about 10 years ago, a kind of drying clothes appliances, the current remote control racks to replace the hand drying racks, this product just out When the dry rod is made of stainless steel tube, the style is single, just as a convenient drying clothes, but with the passage of time, the production of drying racks more and more manufacturers, more and more competition, manufacturers are surprisingly Seek clothes racks more and more styles, more and more beautiful, drying racks is now not just a drying tool, and more into a decorative ornaments, a balcony to become a landscape. Drying racks of various accessories are endless, each piece can be used as accessories, decorated with modern family balcony.

Aluminum Clothes Rack is made of aluminum alloy material, with the improvement of people's living standards, people are increasingly favored in the Aluminum Clothes Rack. Aluminum Clothes Rack with a unique metallic luster and texture, giving a refreshing feeling, with Aluminum Clothes Rack propped up the clothes even more noble fashion. Aluminum Clothes Rack fully meet the majority of consumers on the high-end atmosphere of the pursuit of grade. Aluminum Clothes Rack surface to form an oxide film, can be isolated from the external oxidation, the use of aluminum alloy production materials, can extend the life of hanger.

There is the aluminum rack by a very strong plasticity, do not worry about deformation problems. Aluminum Clothes Rack anti-skid performance is good, do not worry about clothes will fall from the hanger. Aluminum racks compared with other hanger is much lighter, bearing a lot stronger, easy to carry, travel essential.

Drying racks after a period of time, the appropriate replacement of some parts, including hand, dry rod, etc., is also a good maintenance method, so that you can greatly extend the life of the clothes rack.

Aluminum Clothes Rack under normal circumstances the service life is very long, but if you do not pay attention to keep the hanger surface rust, it will greatly shorten the life of Aluminum Clothes Rack. Aluminum Clothes Rack production material is aluminum alloy, with a good anti-rust effect, but the Aluminum Clothes Rack really aluminum racks rust how to do?

Aluminum Clothes Rack is rusted because the surface of the Aluminum Clothes Rack is damaged, the hanger inside exposed to the air to absorb the water in the air, so that the hanger rust, otherwise it will affect the Aluminum Clothes Rack gloss and beauty, but also Easy to rust; and when it is subject to wear and even rust, if you still continue to dry clothes, it is easy to make the hanger on the rusty clothes up to damage the clothes. The solution is that aluminum racks outside the plastic hose, isolated from the air of oxygen and water, naturally can prevent aluminum racks rust. You can also use some chemical means to make the appearance of the hanger oxide film, but also to avoid rust. Aluminum racks in the absence of time, try to avoid the hanger and moisture contact. Because the Aluminum Clothes Rack itself is more vulnerable to water erosion and softening, and it is easy to leave bacteria.

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