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Aluminum Clothes Rack Easy To Install
Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Aluminum Clothes Rack manufacturers are specializing in the production of Aluminum Clothes Rack, what are the characteristics of attracting people?

First we need to see what's special about their racks:

The material of Aluminum Clothes Rack has stainless steel racks and aluminum Aluminum Clothes Rack. It also has electric, hand-cranked, automatic distinctions. The most common may be the floor Aluminum Clothes Rack, many people also called telescopic Aluminum Clothes Rack. There are also many varieties of floor racks: x Type, horizontal bar type, and parallel bars.

I. Hand-cranked device

The hand dryer is the heart of the Aluminum Clothes Rack, is the most critical accessories.

II. STEEL Wire Rope

At present, most of the wire rope for Aluminum Clothes Rack is used 202# stainless steel wire as raw material, there are a few very high-end stainless steel wire $number.


Is installed on the wall, so that the wire rope through the internal pulley and maintain the device perpendicular to the hand machine.

IV. Top seat

Is installed on the ceiling of the balcony, so that the wire rope through the internal pulley and vertical connection with the drying rod and supporting all the weight of the device.

Five, the drying rod

Usually with two drying rods, at the beginning of the use of stainless steel tube, is now mostly with different shapes of aluminum tube, because the aluminum surface can do a variety of surface treatment, make it look beautiful and decorative.

VI. Hanger

A set of Aluminum Clothes Rack will be equipped with $number racks, usually with plastic hangers or wooden hangers, some high-end products are now using aluminum alloy hangers, extremely luxurious.

Aluminum Clothes Rack manufacturers of hanger easy to install, usually only need a wall, if the balcony without roof can also choose to push-pull drying racks, according to family conditions, personal preferences to choose the appropriate model and style. If the balcony on both sides of the real wall, living room and balcony space between the walls can consider the installation of folding automatic drying racks, so that when the need to expand, do not need to use when you can fold, to the user greatly save space.

Aluminum Clothes Rack Manufacturers in the installation to note: Mainly after the installation to pay attention to the hand in the remote control of the line all out, and then again, so not only can help the hands of the remote running smoothly, but also effectively avoid the phenomenon of the card line, the method is usually to pull the wire to make it taut, and then shake it. If it is the first time to use, should be first to shake down the drying rod, if found that the drying rod does not drop, must not continue to shake, at this time can try to hang a bit of clothing to carry the weight, so that again and again and again and again 20 times or so after full running-in after the Take-off

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