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Old community challenges communities to install drying clothes drying rack solutions for their

Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

This reporter has learned, open the old community, residents will encounter such a problem, narrow floor space, trees and lush, low drying the affected households, drying in the open space, which is of old environmental governance "problems". Some residents in floor Qian pulled up rope Sun clothes; some simply in green with tied rope airing was, trees are was pressure bent has "waist"; also has residents in fitness equipment, and poles between airing clothing was, not only effect environment beautiful, on community green, and security passage, also caused has effect, sometimes for beautiful environment, property, and community or related sector will cut has airing clothing rope, "each a times cut airing clothing rope, residents are is not happy, residents and property of contradictions also gradually intensified, actually installation can telescopic airing hanger on can solution problem. "A property company official said. (Ma Xiaowei)

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