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Create civilized cities starting with small

Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

Washington (reporter Xiaohui) "since the public racks, we no longer have to hang rope clothesline drying is in the trees, really convenient. "On July 12, the Arch Street, gulou district jinnan community building 16th floor resident Dan Yunxia Boyle, while collecting the Sun clothes, told reporters.

Jinnan district is the old village, street, 16th floor, residents on the first floor of the so-called "balcony" less than 1 square meters, and are very narrow and not drying clothes, many families used to install air conditioning in small balcony hang up. Usually the clothes drying quilts, tied to ropes on the trees in the community.

"We do not want free leashes clothes drying is, but we also have clothes needs. "Auntie told reporters that reflected the needs of community residents to arch offices, Office believes that community residents ' demands are reasonable, and the Office of urban management decisions in the community site to build a public airing.

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