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3 ARMs ALUMINUM ROTARY AIRER Item No LYQ205 30m,40m,45m drying space DIA 40MM CENTER POLE Adjustable height Material: ABS+aluminum Dia3.0mm PVC line LOAD WEIGHT:25KG This airer includes a plastic ground socket BSCI AUDIT :31216

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Hangzhou Yongrun Commodity Co.,Ltd was founded in 2012 . We are professional manufacturer of clothes airer in Hangzhou, China. Our main products are rotary airer, indoor clothes rack, retractable washing line and other parts. These products are mainly sold to Europe,North America, South America, Australia and Asia.


Aluminum Clothes Rack industry to follow the market need to focus on "custom and environmental protection" In addition, with the level of consumer life promotion, its energy-saving environmental protection for the lifting of the requirements of the rack is also progress. Some domestic Aluminum Clothes Racks Aluminum Clothes Racks Aluminum Clothes Racks manufacturers development is in the extensive economic model, with resources extravagance, energy paving, environmental pollution at the expense of.
The biggest problem with installing a Steel Clothes Rack is how to safely and effectively control the overhanging hanger before fixing it. The general solution is that the top of the cantilever hanger on both sides of the Department of a wave of wind rope, "by two people standing in the appropriate position control.
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